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Good morning everyone!

I’m Jani Stephan, president of the parish council, and I’m here with your monthly update. April has been a month where a lot of progress was made with regard to our transition to a new pastor and I’m happy to report on that today.

Our transition team is fully in place, and in fact will be meeting with Pr Harry after worship today where they will begin to put plans in place. We are very thankful to John Fairbairn, Scott Opsahl, Diane Bates, Lowell Wester, Alexis MacNevin, and Lori Stieve for their willingness to serve the congregation in this capacity. This team will be very busy up front in the process of calling a new pastor. They will be doing research and creating questions and analyzing information from all of us that will help lead us in our next direction. Later we’ll be asking others of you to serve on the call committee, but for now we need to pray for and support these individuals who will help move us forward, with Pr Harry’s guidance. We look forward to hearing from them soon as they define their next steps.

Another exciting announcement is that the rest of our pastoral leadership is now in place, and our team is complete. We’re thankful for Pastor Cheryl who has been the glue that’s held us together since January, but we are now in the capable hands of a team of 3 who will share responsibilities of the pastoral care part of the job, pastors Emma Donohew, Netsie Griffiths, and Wendell Hendershott. Pastor Emma will be our primary preacher and Pastors Netsie and Wendell will be our presiders. Of course there are other jobs they will do that are behind the scenes, but on Sunday mornings you can expect to see them in these roles.

Now that our pastoral team is fully in place we want to celebrate with the Liturgy of Beginning Interim Ministry, next Sunday at worship. This marks a milestone in our transition process. With the help of Synod, we have established a pastoral team that is committed to caring for us and moving our congregation forward in our spiritual journey. We hope you will be here next week for that.

As always, we ask for your prayers for faithfulness and patience as we continue on this journey together.

Thank you.

~ Jani Stephan, Parish President

Who can I contact for pastoral care?

If you are in need of pastoral care, please email and let them know of your needs. Our office staff will do their best to connect you with the appropriate person or people.