Building Use & Rental

Faith Lutheran Church Building Use Policies

Faith Lutheran Church is the steward of our building, which we use for worship and for gatherings of all types. Our building is the home of all of our ministries within and beyond its walls. This includes worship, fellowship, service to others, and education.

We make our building and facilities available for parish activities and to community groups and organizations as part of our service to the community. The building is available for organizations and events that align with the values of Faith’s community, as determined by the Parish Council. These uses include but are not limited to meetings, educational events, weddings, memorial services, and community arts events. For- profit organizations wishing to use the building must be on a de-minimis, non-recurring basis. Faith’s building is our church “home” for its members. All are welcomed in our home without regard to ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, ability, or socioeconomic status.

Faith Lutheran Church offers the use of its building at reasonable rates to cover operational expenses. We do not compete with commercial facilities as a general-use rental facility. The following documents outline our expectations for building use. Our policies and rates were reviewed and affirmed by our Parish Council on February 22, 2024. Any questions related to our policies can be referred to our church office: (360) 733-3970, or

Shortterm Policies and procedures 2024.pdf

Short Term Building Use

Shortterm Building Use Fee Schedule 2024.pdf

Short Term Building Use
Fee Schedule

Shortterm Building Use and Rental Agreement form 2024.pdf

Short Term Building Use
Rental Agreement and Approval