What happens at a church wedding?

A wedding ceremony in the church is a legally valid marriage in Washington State. Church weddings differ from a civil or secular weddings in that they include God's blessing of the couple, prayers, hymns, and Bible readings. 

To love and honor one another

A church wedding speaks to the values of faith, hope and love. We give thanks for the love that we have met throughout life. We also talk about forgiveness, faithfulness and mercy as well as about love as a gift. The blessing that the couple receives provides strength from God who is the source of all Love.

Want to be married at Faith Lutheran Church?

To be married at Faith Lutheran Church, the first step is to contact the pastor. The ELCA requires premarital counseling with the pastor, prior to the wedding. We use Prepare/Enrich, an online relationship inventory and skill-building program. The pastor and the couple will need to meet several times to go through the Prepare/Enrich process, prior to the wedding. Additional information about the church’s building use policy and fees can be discussed with the pastor or church office.

Same-sex weddings in the church

Yes! Since 2009, the ELCA has welcomed same-sex couples to be married. Faith Lutheran Church welcomes, and affirms weddings between two partners of any sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

To learn more about the Evangelical Lutheran Church’s social statement on sexuality, you can read Human Sexuality: Gift and Trust here in English and in Spanish.