The Arts

We believe that fine arts add dimension to our biblical understanding, give us valuable historical and multicultural insights, and provide powerful witness and outreach. Visual arts help us remember stories of the faith and aid us in contemplation and meditation.

We enjoy a lively interest in the visual arts. Visual depictions of stories of the faith from many different cultures remind us of the many ways we come to encounter the divine. Our collection of prints features artists such as He Qi, John August Swanson, Laura James, and Sadao Watanabe. Works are rotated with the seasons of the liturgical year. Stories from the bible are also told through the etchings of Joan Bohlig and a small but growing collection of icons. There are also original paintings and stained glass pieces by parish members Helen Harris and Marjorie Burkitt.

The congregation supports the arts in the community: in addition to the baptismal bowl and water carriers, many of the vessels for communion are made by local potter Andy Wollman-Simson (One Heron Pond Studio) from Deming, WA. Some of the fabric used to make altar paraments has been hand printed by Margot Myers, a batik artist in Bellingham.  Most recently, we commissioned a large 2-panel silk banner depicting the Tree of Life, from artist Kristen Gilje, which now hangs for the duration of our green season behind the large sanctuary cross.

Sometimes many hands are involved in decorating the worship space by creating art as a congregation. And sometimes smaller groups will join in. But all members of all ages are welcome to take part in these lively endeavors – we learn from each other as we find ways to celebrate our faith through different media in the arts.