Parish Musicians

At Faith, music is central to our lives together. At any given service, our worship might be accompanied by pipe organ, piano, guitar, flute, or violin. We've even been accompanied by the occasional kazoo! We strive to make a joyful noise!


Our ADULT CHOIR meets for rehearsals weekly during the program year (on break during summer months) to prepare choral music to share during worship. The choir also provides liturgical leadership during services.

CHILDREN are sometimes enlisted to provide percussion accompaniment. And our children’s hand chime choir occasionally provides music for worship.

Our PARISHIONERS are our most vocal musicians! Historically known as "The Singing Church", Lutherans have 500 years of history of filling our services with music. Faith's parishioners live up to that heritage and sing out during worship. We may not be a clapping congregation, but we sure do love to sing!

For more information on Faith’s choir, please contact: